Final Year Project by Echezona Eke Ogudu

   Title: A Painter’s Documentation of Typical Buskers in Mixed Media Mural Painting.

Location Of Art Work: Prof. Stella Idiong Art Gallery, University of Uyo, Permanent site campus, Akwa Ibom State , Nigeria.

Year: 2018

The importance of busking  in a society like ours cannot be overemphasized, as it alleviates the difficulty posed by the society’s economic malady which is influenced by lack of sponsors, inadequate platforms, insufficient funds and such like. Hence, reducing the rate at which young talented people end up being frustrated in life, since busking promises to be an effective aid in their music hustle.

   In the same vein, busking encourages activities that contribute to the colour and life of the city and provide opportunities for alternative voices to be heard through public performances. Thus, buskers make an important contribution to the cultural life of a city, reflecting styles, values, and the issues of society at large.

In addition, rendering buskers in mural painting or textually is beneficial as this could arouse further documentations on the subject and act as reference material for scholarly research in the immediate future and beyond.

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